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Custom-made jewellery Sydney NSW

Ronald Crisp has been a dedicated jeweller since he was only 15 years old! His extensive experience and expertise mean he can hand craft just about anything for his clients. If you have an idea in your head, Ron can bring it to life. No matter the budget, preferences or design request, Ron will work with you to hand craft a piece of bespoke jewellery you will cherish.

Custom-made jewellery

Ronald Crips Designer Jewellery can create all forms of boutique jewellery including:

  • engagement rings
  • wedding rings
  • statement rings
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • necklaces

Ronald is also able to recreate and restore jewellery that may have an older style or simply need rejuvenating. This solution can be given to heirlooms or jewellery passed down from relatives, giving a personal touch to meaningful design.

The Ronald Crisp difference

  • extensive experience
  • dedication and passion to every project
  • stunning handmade jewellery
  • opportunity to be involved in the design process
  • create your dream ring
  • caters to every budget
  • hand craft any piece of jewellery
  • restore and resurrect family heirlooms

The design process

All jewellery is custom made, from engagement rings though to earrings and bracelets. Whether you have a specific image in mind or simply have a style preference, Ronald Crisp will involve you throughout the design process to create a hand crafted piece of jewellery you love.

To begin the design process, Ron will sit down with you and discuss your likes, dislikes, the size, colour and quality of the stone you desire before building a design around this. You may come in with a picture on your phone or browse through the stock jewellery available in our showroom. Often, clients will like aspects of a few different pieces, which Ron is able to consolidate into one beautiful piece of jewellery. From there, Ron can bring together all the elements you love and leave out those you don’t, bringing your dream piece to life.

Ronald’s advice when dealing with handmade and bespoke jewellery, especially when creating an engagement ring, is to stay within your own limits. There is no point trying to keep up with the latest trends or the expenses of your friends if this is not a viable option for you. No matter your budget, Ronald Crisp can create something unique and attractive that will suit your desires.

Custom-made jewellery Sydney

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